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The speed at which the world economy is moving is truly incredible.

With the rise in investments in the economy and decrease in costs, people's needs have increased in terms of goods and services, different retail experiences such as malls – all have contributed toward increasing consumer demand.

In this environment, Paul Street too has grown at a tremendous pace as made the most of the global opportunities that the post-quota era presented us while consolidating our business in the market.

From being one of the most respected textile companies in the world we are now the world’s largest vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturer of suiting fabric - providing various solutions to our customers across various product categories Through our entire growth and consolidation phase, we have never lost sight of what makes Paul Street great – our strength in innovation and dedication in developing great products.

The sun has risen on another year for us at Paul Street – a year ahead full of exciting opportunities and a year that will see us marching on firmly towards making the Paul Street a force to reckon with in the global arena. The Paul Street philosophy is best conveyed through three key words – Excellence, Quality and Leadership. We are confident that through our new initiatives we will carve out a strong position for Paul Street in the business area.

Divyesh Jain

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